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Title: Agent J (Paris) - The Fate of an Agent
Author: [livejournal.com profile] 14yunjae  Pairing: Yunjae Length: Chaptered [Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Epilogue]
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13 for action

Summary: Jaejoong is “Agent J” and has been an undercover agent for as long as he remembers. Yunho has been a bodyguard with just the job in mind. But once their paths intertwine together, the tension-filled chase, fated by destiny finally begins.

Disclaimer: This fic is based solely on the movie mv of Agent J Paris Chapter of Jolin Tsai for her album “Agent J.” I have changed a lot of things, and added some scenes that were not there in the original MVs. And I’m adding an epilogue too. So except for the changes in the storyline, I own nothing.


Chapter 1: Agent J

The church is the closest place to Heaven, but the person I have to find is the one closest to Hell.

Heavy steps echoing through the walls of this almost desolate church, I walk unto the aisle until I reach the altar. There on the book, lay the given words I seek out.

It has always been like this. I go to this church, scan the bible resting on the edge of the altar and find the face of my target imprinted on a photograph. That's how the company works. That's how it has always worked. I guess it's their way to protect their identity, in case I fail. I receive an electric current to my spine, jolting my senses (my assassin’s reflex) to wake. And that’s how I know I have a mission. T

hat’s how I know; it’s time to go to church.

It’s time to pass Judgment once again.

The target this time is Alexandre Laurent. Unlike the usual mob which deals in drugs and guns, Laurentis, as the mob is popularly known, specializes more with the sporting world. Specialize as in controls the gambles on which team wins and loses. It’s no point for talent when the game has already been decided beforehand. No point at all.

As fond as into sports Laurent is, he’s also fond of circus acts like cirque de soleil. That’s the sole reason this theater bar was established. It’s where gymnasts and players pay off their debts, when they couldn’t deliver what he wanted.

=== === ===
Two years of tracking down Agent J, and yet it was only nine months ago that I discovered how his targets were named. It was even by accident that I discovered this.

In this barely used church, stands a bible at the altar’s center. It is there that the commandment is given. It is there that judgment is passed.

I was just in the neighborhood, after a brief meeting with an acquaintance, Kim Junsu. Once again, he gave me one of the speeches I have heard so many times now.

“If you really cared for him, you would stop this nonsense…”  

He was saying a lot more, but my mind refused to comprehend anymore.

The rollercoaster of emotions I felt after that talk put a stop to my usual calm self. I wanted to shout, laugh, cry, scream, and all other things I still haven’t decided yet. I just wanted it all to be out.

I saw this church and went inside. I was hoping to find inner peace, even though it’s been a while since I last prayed. I hoped God would accept my prayers.

On one of the last rows nearing the stained glass windows, there I knelt. I prayed for what seemed like hours, pouring all my wishes and disappointments.

Finally able to find the calm that I needed, I stood up and was about to go when the large dark mahogany doors opened and revealed what I have been following for two years now.

It was Agent J.

Reflex controlled my body, immediately hiding myself into one of the pillars, hoping he hasn’t spotted me yet. He continued to walk down the aisle until he reached the altar and stopped before the Bible.

‘Now what would he be doing in a church? Is his next target a priest? Or nun?’

Agent J just continued to scan the pages of the Bible then stopped. It looked like he found what he was looking for. Standing there for a few minutes, his side still facing me from my hiding place, he continued to study the page before him.

After a few minutes, he took out the sheets of paper, took out a lighter and burned the document he was now clutching.

‘Was that hidden in that bible all along? And what is in that document?’

Satisfied with the burnt document, he turned around and walked out of the church.

I didn’t know what to do. Should I go after him? Or go look in the bible myself and hope to find more clues on who was his next target. Though if I try to follow him now, he would have long been gone by now. He always was fast ever since then, maybe his smaller frame has something to do with it.

Anyways I decided to go to the altar, and search for more clues. When I got to the altar all I could see was a pile of ash. I squatted down, and tried to make up words from the burned ashes but it was futile. Amongst the pile though was a white cardboard like the ones used for photographs.

‘So this is how his targets are chosen? But who chooses them?’

A question I would never find out.
==== ==== ====
Muffled sounds coming from the closet, where I hid the original performer, faintly resounds in the small dressing room. Now dressed in the assigned costume, I prepared myself for the performance that night. A performance I’ll make sure will be my target’s last.

//Play DBSK Before u go

This scene…

Dressed in only dark blue skin tight pants, I draw out slow but seductive steps as I come closer to the center of the stage. There on the center is the longest pole I have yet to see as it reaches the room’s high ceiling. If you could still call it a room. It was practically a small theater. And can only be used by favored patrons, and luckily for that night, Alexandre Laurent was one of them.

…reminds me of “The Last Supper”.

Moving into the music’s beat, I make sure that all eyes would be on me, at least, the target in question. Him and his men seated along one long table, enjoying their last meal. But they don’t know that.

Only I knew that.

However, the person sitting in the middle is not Jesus.

All eyes beginning to give in to lust, I start my routine. Right hand on the cold pole, I circle around it until I was in front. Dipping once and then bending my back until my fingers tapped the floor. Rising up slowly, I continue to circle the pole, returning to my position before.

Both hands now on the frigid pole, I gave myself a little push before straddling the cold metal. Legs firmly in place, I maneuvered my other hand to blow a kiss to the target while batting my eyes deliberately.

It is Satan.

Two climbs farther up, before I started to do some complicated routines that would have a pole dancer in a bar crying.

After a few moves, legs were at a split in the air, my hands and upper body slowly sliding down until said legs reached the floor. Sensually I stood up, eliciting more lust in their eyes.

Whenever humans lust, they seem to be defenseless.

Hands once again on the metal, I lifted my legs off to the side and did a side split in the air. Holding it for a few seconds before my feet descended on the floor again, I swear I think I heard a few moans emitting from the men watching me.

Right leg hooking onto the pole once again and the other foot following in suite, my hands took hold of the metal. Hands and feet working together, I climb a few more until I was 15 feet from the floor. Putting strength on my thighs, I straddle the pole once again as I bend my back and my hands reaching the pole beneath me.

A few sensual moves and I knew they were now defenseless.

A few sensual moves and that was the end of the first part of my routine.

Moving closer to them is simply to get a better look at their faces before they die.

Giving them a little treat, I moved in closer and started caressing their lustful faces, sometimes even pulling their uniformed black ties.

But now it is time for salvation.

Moving onto the second part of my routine, I come closer to the length of cloth hanging from the ceiling. Tugging it for good measure before I start on my aerial dancing.

There hidden underneath the white cloth, my Rose, its petals waiting to be blown from its stem.

Finding the perfect moment in the midst of my aerobic moves on the air, my hands suddenly crept to the Rose’s hiding place. And then…


The petals have been blown off. His men too slow to react to even save their own lives. Unexpecting of any danger, the target now sits dead on his chair while his men lay lifeless on the floor.

Killing him is a form of salvation.

Their eyes unmoving, the irises color dulling to its paleness.

A cure for Original Sin.

Chap 1: Jay Chou - Twilight’s Chapter 7 || DBSK – Before You Go

A/N: It sucks doesn’t it? 0____0 gaaaaaaaah.. I suck at writing sexy scenes…

And btw. If you wanna see Jaejoong’s pole performance watch this… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWm2WEsMRpI just imagine Jae in skintight pants and topless… waaaaah.. topless, I think I died there. 0______0 (minus the other dancers of course.)

And omg.. jaejae’s so good at pole dancing and aerial dancing… I wonder why? Well you’ll know soon enough.

I’m sorry if I am updating not fast enough for your liking.. But this fic is following a schedule… it all ends in September 15. That’s all I can say… ^-----^ at least chapter 5 does… but that’s all in the future.

Btw.. a happy independence day to all pinoys!! ^---^ mabuhay tayo!!!


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