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Title: Crush for a day
Pairing: Tefu
Genre: fluff
Rating: G
Warning: AU
Dedication: for [livejournal.com profile] a1y_puff  cause it's her birthday!!! sorry i couldn't finish the fic.. or rather i couldn't find it.. 0__0 so this drabble will be your gift instead.. ^^

It was just right after the first day of classes, when a college boy, albeit crazy at that, was walking from school to the bus stop.

“I should really get over him.”  Even after transferring schools, he still couldn’t get over his first love.

‘But how?’  Even after from all these time and distance, he still couldn’t move on.

And in case you haven’t noticed, yes, he is talking to one’s self.  Sometimes out loud too.  It was always one of his problems even in high school.  Though for some fortunate reason, for this time he was doing so only in his mind.

But back to the problem at hand.

‘How do you exactly expect to move on, when all you can think about is him?’ The bus stop was five blocks away, when he decided to have a chit-chat with himself.

 “Like you’re the one to talk.  Hey, stop pretending that you hate him, when you fell in love with him too.”  Passing down, sidewalk food vendors on the way, their aromas slipping through his nose.

‘We’re the same person; of course we would feel the same.’  Instinctively avoiding the mass of people in the way.

“We need a distraction.”  He was careful to stick to the sidewalk as the traffic grew and grew.

‘What kind?’  Looking sideways first before crossing the street.

“I know!!! Let’s have a CRUSH FOR THE DAY!”  If he could have, he would have slapped himself a couple of times.  But that would also mean pain for him.

‘A what?!?’  Reaching the other end of the street.

“You heard me.  A CRUSH FOR THE DAY!  We’ll go crushing on the cutest guy we see each day.”  It was really becoming hard to talk to oneself, when all you wanna do is slap yourself.

‘Yeah, right.  And what if we don’t see a cute guy for days?’  Hoping, his crazy side would realize the craziness of his idea.

“Then we’ll go crushing on the last guy we met.  I mean it’s not like you’ll meet that cute guy again.”  The mass of people, seeming to copy the traffic on the streets. 

‘Wonderful.’  His righteous side said so sarcastically.

“I know, right?”  His face all smiles now.

‘…’  A face palm, what he would give to be able to do that now.

The bus stop was in eyesight, when…

“Look a cute bespectacled guy!”



And even before the righteous side of crazy boy had any control, the face of the cute bespectacled guy was imprinted to memory.  His mind must have been playing with him too, because in that instant, time slowed down.

 “Hurrah!!!! A crush for the day!!!”

 ‘Oh joy!’


The next day…

It was their first meeting for one of his major classes, when crazy boy spotted someone familiar in the room.

Brown hair, stoic face, stern eyes hidden behind glasses.

Oh great.’

Yes. It was cute bespectacled guy and he was one of his classmates.

“Looks like, he won’t be a crush for a day after all.”  His face all smiles now.



Yeah.. so I wasn’t planning to make this tefu, since it wasn’t supposed to be tefu… heck it was supposed to be het… but I suck at word limits… hence it was not accepted. 0_____0.

But it’s too short to be called a oneshot… so I’m sticking with drabble.


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