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Title: Agent J (Paris) - The Fate of an Agent
Pairing: Yunjae
Length: Chaptered [Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Epilogue]
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13 for action

Summary: Jaejoong is “Agent J” and has been an undercover agent for as long as he remembers. Yunho has been a bodyguard with just the job in mind. But once their paths intertwine together, the tension-filled chase, fated by destiny finally begins.

Disclaimer: This fic is based solely on the movie mv of Agent J Paris Chapter of Jolin Tsai for her album “Agent J.” I have changed a lot of things, and added some scenes that were not there in the original MVs. And I’m adding an epilogue too. So except for the changes in the storyline, I own nothing.

Prologue: 27 seconds

/Please press play before reading. Thanks/

‘Him on a black motorcycle, and me on my stupid old car.’

2:00 pm, the clock on my car says.

Another case, another day. Another chase between the predator and prey. Me being the predator and he, the assassin, my prey. Not that I plan to kill him, regardless of the number of people he has killed.

I just wanted to know him and who he was.

A turn to the right as we met an intersection. I follow him as subtlety as I can without losing him from my sight. The chase has been going on for half an hour, but action has yet to happen. Maybe he won’t kill today.

His speed slows down a bit as we near another intersection. Then in a matter of seconds, things happened so fast. But for me, the only audience, everything happened so slow and with such clarity.

A gunshot. Agent J has fired his Rose.

At first, I thought he was going to shoot me. My mind recalling the past events that happened within seconds.  Speed slowing but motorcycle still running, he slowly turned his upper body, right arm raised and aimed his gun in my direction. After the shot, I heard a commotion behind, a crash of vehicles in the slightly jammed Parisian streets. The car behind me lost its control with the driver now dead causing a much greater traffic than usual.

27 seconds after 2:00 pm, Agent J killed once again.

He has killed another target, and this time in front of my very eyes. And there was nothing I was able to do.

As people’s interest swayed to the chaos behind, I tried to follow him. But fate seemed to be against me as the impending traffic allowed him to escape from my vision again.

“One day… One day Agent J, I will catch you.”

*Perfect Agent J has frozen the center stage.*

A/N: That was short. Hahhaha.

Would you look at that, damn muse for Agent J returned. Hurrah!!!! *huggles it forever and chains it to her ankle so she won’t run away anymore*

Anyways... looks like hiatus is gonna be cancelled, for now. Depression is still there if you’re asking. But I’ve loomed it away in the dark spaces of myself.

0___o A/N Part 2: why 27 seconds? well if you're a fast reader... and ur connection is fast too... the gunshot in the audio and the gunshot in the fic. should more or less be at the same time.  ^----^

OST: Prologue: Jolin Tsai – Agent J (Te Wu J)

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